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*Japanese IQ test!
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Mensa International
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Membership in Mensa is open to anyone with
a proven IQ in the top 2%. Since Japan has
no national mensa organization at this time,
membership is open in Mensa International.
To join Mensa International, you must take
the official supervised IQ test.
See "Testing"

*Please note: If you are a foreign citizen
who has lived in Japan for more than two years,
or intend to live here for more than two years,
you will join Mensa International, not the
Mensa group in your home country. (Your MI
membership can be transfered once you return).

An MI member can then choose to become a member
of SIG (special interest group), "Mensans in Japan,"
and needs only to apply and pay dues to join,
either as a local active member, or if far outside
of Tokyo, an E-member. Those Mensans who reside
outside of Japan and have an interest in Japan
are also welcome to join as overseas affillate
E-members without voting rights.

If you have been a member of another national Mensa
group previously in any other country, you can easily
transfer your membership. If you are currently paid up,
your current status can also be transfered for up to one
year. Please apply with your membership number, or your
your complete address at the time of your last active
membership and the date you originally joined. Thank you!

Please contact
or call the M-Line (24hrs):
+81 (city code 3) 3589-8600 code 2098

Mensa does not hold any opinion, or have or express any political or religious views.
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