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Onsen Outing 1999

In the fall of 1997, 98, and 99 a few MIJers made the half day trip up to one of Japan's most secluded and interesting onsens in Meotobuchi. (photos by former member Nick Miller)

This is a yatai (Shinto-related float) in the Imamiya Shrine in the Kanuma fall festival parade.
Jim and Michael (l-r) on the bus from Kinugawa onsen station to Meotobuchi.
Jim and Michael (l-r) standing on the bridge over looking the onsen.
This is a view of the men's wall. (Note: Women have a private dressing room and two private baths - men have none! There are two walls for men to leave their clothes and belongings after undressing).
Here is a shot of the four of us (Takehito, Jim, me and Michael, l-r) standing in the Daikokuten bath. (Note my pointing out the cave with the um, er phallic symbol statute inside.)
I have been here many times, as recently as five months before this picture... and this building is brand new (and came as a shock!).
This is the famous salamander tempura. I always offer to buy it for my guests, yet I never try it... and I plan to keep it that way!
Here, Takehito is asking, "Who, me?"
But, Takehito does end up eating the salamander tempura after all.
Of course, the restaurant does have more - normal - food. A few of us had the ramen!