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If you have an itch to test yourself, you've come to the right place!
There are a variety of online sites which have a number of IQ tests
available. In Japan, there is no authorized IQ test available in Japanese,
so we test potential members here with a "non-verbal," "culture-fair"
test that consists of matrices.

These matrices have patterns of designs in exceedingly more difficult
arrangements that require a testee to discern the matrice among 4-8
choices that matches the sample. At the beginning most people find
it quite easy and even enjoyable to pick out the right choice. But as
the patterns become more complex, one finds oneself going back to
look at the patterns from a different angle that produces a different
conclusion. Sound like fun!? Try a test below to see what I mean.

Understand that these are not official tests and do not qualify you
for Mensa International membership. You would still have to take
an official test under supervision to qualify. If you do well on any
online IQ test, then come and take our official test! Even if you score
is average, you are still welcome to take the official Mensa IQ test
to discover your true IQ. To do your best, please be well rested and
able to concentrate when you start.

We used to suggest the Queen Dom test site, but since
they have started to charge for their online testing, we
no longer do. At US$150. per test, it is more expensive
than our official test from which you receive official Mensa
Mensa certification of your IQ score whatever it may be.
See "Testing."

We will add more to the list as we discover them, and
invite you to send in your recommendations.
It is advised that you take an authorized, supervised
test for the best results.

Mensa Verbal test (English):

The Mensa Workout requires that you read and understand Endlish
well. There are word, math, and spatial problems.
Time limit: 30 minutes for 30 questions.

NON-VERBAL TESTS (for speakers of any language):

A 15 minute IQ test from Hong Kong Mensa:

Good link for many other IQ tests, and theory:

From Sweden, an "non-verbal" test:
Scroll down to the bottom and click on IQ Test.

Japanese IQ test for fun:

Again, NONE of these will qualify you, or disqualify you for Mensa.

If you have any questions, or have a site to recommend,
please contact us at:

Mensa does not hold any opinion, or have or express any political or religious views.
Copyright MIJ