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Welcome to the only official Mensa organization in Japan, "Mensans in Japan," SIG. We are presently a small but growing group of multinational members, many of whom are long term residents of Japan who meet once a month on the second Sunday fora casual dinner and socializing in Akasaka. Rejoining Mensans from around the world, potential Mensans and of course, Guests are most welcome to join us!

Discussion Groups
Ancient Civilizations John Halloran (818) 901-1221
Answers to Everything Jonathan Elliott (626) 744-0311
. . See .
. . (818) 766-5314
. . .
. . See .
Nova Toastmasters John Stesney
Joy Gaylord
(818) 558-3582
See L.A. Mentary
Women's Discussions Natasha Kerlenevich See L.A. Mentary
West L.A. Writers' Workshop Marty Elkort
Celia Scott
See L.A. Mentary
Eating, Drinking, Etc.
20th Century Movies SIG Monica Roach (626) 445-1817
. . .
. . See .
. . .
Millennium SIG Rich Kapnick (818) 766-5314
NY/Brooklyn Alumni SIG Richard Johnson See L.A. Mentary
Odyssey Happy Hour Stratton Lindenmeyer (818) 980-4929
Pasadena Gaming & Party Jonathan Elliott (626) 744-0311
Potluck Poker Mirk Mirkin See L.A. Mentary
Westside Bloodless Gaming Robin Holland See L.A. Mentary
Folksong Alan Stillson (818) 884-4284
Symphony Roy Ball See L.A. Mentary
Mailing Mary Kimball (818) 893-3922
Sports and Recreation
Spontaneous Movie SIG Andrew Dyer See L.A. Mentary
Urban Hikers Stratton Lindenmeyer (818) 980-4929

SIG Details
(As submitted by SIG coordinators.)

20th Century Movies SIG

Monica RoachMonica (left) says: Come to the Nickelodeon. Renew, review, retrieve memories of the great and not so great, the historical and acclaimed movies of the 20th century. Have big screen and popcorn!
This SIG was started for the hang loose, sit back and relax, on a Saturday night. It has survived and continues to thrive. For the game players, when bored, they slip away for chess, Scrabble®, backgammon, and eating. Ah yes, eating! Give it a try, relaxing the brain may become addictive. (Smoking outside. Two dogs in residence. Wheelchair accessible.)

Algonquin West Happy Hour and Dinner

Bob TingleyBob Tingley (left) makes the reservations at the Bel-Air Bar & Grill where Mensans gather for food, drink and neo-Algonquin conversation. See Calendar for date and time.

Ancient Civilizations SIG

The Ancient Civilizations SIG focuses at each meeting on a different civilization or topic from the ancient world. We have covered just about every subject since starting in 1989. The present plan for the SIG is to announce restaurant meetings timed to precede lectures sponsored by the California Museum of Ancient Art. Watch the calendar for SIG events or call John Halloran, or Richard Gerber.

Answers to Everything

Jonathan Elliott We are working on a specific project in conjunction with the non-profit Harmony Research Group to construct a single, comprehensive, and non-partisan agenda comprising solutions to all of the political, economic, and social problems facing America today, because we believe that all of these issues inter-relate, and that no proposed solution to any one issue can be truly effective unless consideration is first given to its effects on all other aspects of our social order. We have built up an outline of over 750 questions to answer, and never move on to the next question until we get complete consensus on the previous one. Two sub-groups are working on this project independently, so that we can compare and contrast the results: Mensans meet on Mondays, and non-Mensans on Wednesdays. It's a bit of work, but also quite a bit of fun, and a very fulfilling and rewarding experience, as we use our mental talents for something truly constructive.

The Bike SIG

Greg DuVall

SIG Coordinator Greg DuVall (left) says: The Raison d'ętre of the Bike SIG is to get better at riding bicycles and have some fun at the same time. Since Mensa doesn't have a lot of professional cyclists in its ranks, you would think this would be a pretty simple goal to implement. Wrong. For many Mensans, a tough workout is walking out to the car, there to drive to the Speed Scrabble® Tournament and all-you-can-eat buffet. For this reason, the Bike SIG is forced to lure potential members with added incentives to participate (a.k.a. "bait"). Examples include monthly group rides where you can meet Lycra clad attractive members of the opposite sex, or beach runs where we ogle Speedo gods and bikini goddesses. For those of you out there who don't respond to sun and sex, the Bike SIG offers cheesy gimmicks such as improved health, weight loss, and the ability (with proper training) to pig out with impunity. Yes, you can do it, because we did.

Bridge - San Fernando Valley

The Valley bridge SIG meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 7 pm at the home of Marylyn Margarit in Northridge. For a small donation you will enjoy wine, soft drinks, snacks and three hours of bridge and pleasant company. We change partners every hand and score Chicago style. Skill levels range from novice to Life Master. Our only requirement is that you love to play bridge.

Brunch in the East (B.I.T.E.)

Ted Kamsler B.I.T.E. meets the third Saturday of each month. See calendar entry for contact information for SIG leader Ted Kamsler (left). The gathering is generally 7 to 12 people and the discussion is lively covering topics of interest brought up by those attending. New ideas are broached, discussed, criticized and modified by intelligent minds which do not object to being used as a "sounding board". Also the gathering of friends chit-chat so that this is a SIG which you can look forward to attending. We meet at Burger Continental generally in the patio and partake in the all-you-can-eat (as-often-as-you-want) champagne brunch. The best in all of Southern California. We regulars will be looking forward to the new attendees who will be sure to become regulars.

The Christian Apologetics SIG.

It is the purpose and intent of The Christian Apologetics Special Interest Group to provide a forum for the positive presentation of answers to honest intellectual questions, both historic and contemporary, which have been asked of Christianity regarding its truth and validity. We welcome Mensans, friends, and family; Christians, Atheists, and members of other religions. In other words, we welcome all who have a interest in the rational discussion of the truth of the Christian position. Come and join us for a time of open, rational, and civil discussion, while snacking on cookies, popcorn, and soft drinks. We hold monthly discussion meetings; usually on the fourth Friday of the month. Please call for current schedule.

Epiphanies, Epistemology, and Ample Eats

Rich Kapnick A genuine philosophical discussion group heads the Wish List of many Mensa members. In response, GLAAM presents a SIG dedicated solely to the discussion and resolution of serious philosophical issues. Epiphanies, Epistemology, and Ample Eats is a monthly meeting of Mensa minds. All Mensans are welcome to this free, second-Thursday meeting 5:00 to 7:00 P.M. at Leon's Steak House, 10945 Victory (at Vineland), N. Hollywood (533 A8). Free parking. A position paper on the monthly topic is available by mail about one week in advance from SIG leader Rich Kapnick (left). See the L.A. Mentary calendar for more information.

Pasadena Gaming and Party

Jonathan Elliott Ever wanted to take the time to play a long game of Monopoly® or Risk®, or several short games of Othello, 9-ball, or hearts, but had difficulty getting enough other people together at the same time that you had time? If so, we have solved your problem. We carve out the entire afternoon and evening -- from noon to midnight -- on the last Saturday of every month to get together and relax, play some games, eat and drink heartily, and basically do whatever we feel like. We have a pool table, a ping pong table, a swimming pool, a sauna, and a rec room where we play any of dozens of different games, from checkers to Trivial Pursuit®, cribbage to Go-Moku®. Attendance is FREE to both Mensans and non-Mensans, but we ask that everyone bring some food to share, or contribute a few bucks for ordering out. Wine is provided in large amounts. This is rapidly becoming one of the more popular events in L.A. Mensa. Call for directions and other info.

Young Ms

Are you in your 20's or 30's? Do you at least *feel* like you're in your 20's or 30's? Then the Young M's is just for you!
I'll admit it, our goals are selfish: we want to meet people OUR AGE who are struggling with the same issues we are, facing the same kinds of life changes... and who deal with them the way any young thing would: via PAAAR-TAY!! :)
Something missing you want to try? Call us! E-mail us! Cash bribes accepted (j/k!)!

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