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Japanese IQ test!
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Japanese IQ Test

For latest info, please go to and bookmark that page. Thank you!

For entertainment ONLY- GO TO: Japanese IQ Test
Does NOT qualify you or disqualify you for Mensa.

If you score well on any online IQ test, please
come and take our official IQ test in person.
Even if your score is average, you are still welcome
to take the official test to discover your true IQ score.
You will receive your certified test results by mail
from Mensa several weeks afer taking the test.

Official Mensa IQ Test

The Mensa test is non-verbal and "culture-fair" which
means that whether you are a Japanese speaker
or a native speaker of any other language, your
IQ will be assessed fairly. The test consists
of matrices, or designs, in which you will need
to judge sequence and relative position of
shapes and lines.

Cost: 5,000yen
Duration: About one hour

NEXT TEST DATE - April 28, 2002
1:00pm in Akasaka
*See Testing

Reservations -

Or to be added to our test mailing list
please contact
Or leave your message on the M-Line:
+81) 03) 3589-8600 code 2098

Proctor, Lois Kawashima -