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For Japan Travelers

Because most of our members' homes are typical
Japanese size, we are not able to really offer visiting
Mensans "SIGHT" in the way of accomodations.
But we can offer information for your stay.

Below, you will be roughing it. You'll have to ask if the
room has a phone, and what time the heat comes on.


THE No. 1 Cheapest budget inn:
"The Backpacker's Hotel"
Rates: From 2,500yen per day!
81 (0) 3 3873-0343
Near Asakusa temple area.
(Try not to confuse AKAsaka and AsaKUSA
as they are as different as day and night!)
FREE?use of internet in small lobby!

No. 2
Asia Center of Japan
(Asia Kaikan)
81 (0) 3 3402-6111
From about 6,000yen per night (with private bath)
In Aoyama. Very central.
7 minutes walk from Aoyama 1-chome station
Walk 15 min. to Roppongi entertainment area.

No. 3
Tokyo Weekly Mansion
(Palais Royale Akasaka)
(81) (3) 3434-3939
One week and longer stay only.
Akasaka area. Modern, but a bit dusty.
Rated no. 3 because although they
claim to be "international" they do not
have staff who can speak English.
You must pay an advance deposit of
about US$300.00 for electricity, etc.,
along with your week's room charge, of
which you are likely to receive about
half back when you leave after 1 week
*Mini-kitchens in rooms!
Walk 15 minutes to Roppongi.
One week will cost about 60,000yen.
Maid service is extra. You'll need to shop for your
own additional supplies (extra toliet paper, etc.).

A Mensa member shares his JAPANESE ONSEN experience

* * * Nick's Onsen Tour * * *

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