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Sumo Day, January 2002.

Shinenkai "meeting" was held at Kokugikan.
Members and guests watched the wrestlers push each other around...
it caused us to work up our own sweat which needed to be quenched
by a trip to a nearby izakaya afterwards!

Xmas Champagne Brunch, December 2001.

Celebrating the holiday season in Tokyo MIJ members
and guests enjoy Trader Vic's luxurious brunch buffet
and a traditional gift exchange.

Museum Tour, October 2001.

Tokyo art dealer and M, Kara Besher guided members through
the controversial exhibition of the youngest Japanese artist to have
a show at the Tokyo Metrolopolitan Museum of Art, Takashi Murakami.
Members and guests enjoy art talk before the tour over lunch.

Shinjuku-Gyoen Hanami, April 2001.

In the spring, we went to Shinjuku-Gyoen to enjoy the Cherry
Blossoms. Members, new members, and guests found a scenic
spot for their blanket and spent the afternoon.

We later enjoyed a walk over to Chidori-ga-fuji, stopping for a bit of
karaoke(!) on the way and then visited the Yasukuni Shrine briefly to
see what was left of the kind of hanami we're glad we didn't have!
(night photo by John P.)

Winter, 2001.

In the winter, a few of us took an "away" trip up to Lake Yamanaka
near Mt. Fuji. This is the beautiful gorgeous view from the tea lounge in
the lobby of our "XIV" Member's Resort Hotel.

The private "onsen" wasn't quite as big as expected, only two would fit!
Contrary to what "some" Japanese will say about not using soap
IN the bath... these two local ladies love the suds! (True, it wasn't
really an "ofuro," but an jacuzzi...).
Ms and guests enjoying a delicious Italian meal lakeside.

2000 EVENTS.

Members, visiting Ms and guests at an evening dinner.

And at a lovely summer afternoon Second Sunday Luncheon
welcoming new member,Hiroko.

Relativity Presentation, November 2000.

In November 2000 we were entertained by scientist, Dr. Takemori
of Tsukuba University in his presentation, "Everything You Always
Wanted to Know about Relativity!" In the photos above members
and guests pose for a shot in the lounge, and at dinner afterwards.
(no photos available of the pub crawl after that).

Unfortnately, we took no photos at our 2000 Xmas Party
which was held in a private home.


Xmas 1999.

At our December 1999 Xmas Party members relax and enjoy a
secluded private "resort" party room deep in the heart of Roppongi.
If we would have had an award for "most scotch rocks consumed,"
it would have gone to Linda!
Conversation and small gift exchange over dessert in our "den."

Ikonos Launch!


In November 1999, member Bob Clemons Phd., Vice President of Asia
for Space Imaging Japan, introduced us to the ins and outs of satellite
photography previously used by governments, and now by private concerns.

A Visit from MI.

The first photo shows our current Prez in between former Assitant Dir.,
for Mensa International, Janine Tizzard and our own Proctor, Bambi.
Janine, while on a business trip scouting for potential Annual
Gathering spots around the world, visited Japan and spent a few days
in Tokyo hosted by the Japan Convention Bureau. We were lucky
enough to be able to join her while she scrutinized the beautiful
Gajoen Hotel with it's sumptious banquet facilites!
But unfortunately, all of the Japanese convention men who cheerfully
thrust their cards into our hands begged off on keeping their promises
to take the test, mostly out of worry of showing up their bosses...!
Janine performs the honor of cracking open the celebratory sake!